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Anticorrosive steel pipe refers to the steel pipe processed by anticorrosive process, which can effectively prevent or slow down the corrosion phenomenon caused by chemical or electrochemical reaction during transportation and use.

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Anticorrosive steel pipe refers to the steel pipe processed by anticorrosive process, which can effectively prevent or slow down the corrosion phenomenon caused by chemical or electrochemical reaction during transportation and use. According to China's statistical data, the direct economic loss of steel pipe corrosion in China is more than 280 billion every year.


At present, the global annual loss due to steel pipe corrosion is as high as 500 billion US dollars. Anticorrosive steel pipe can effectively prevent or slow down corrosion, prolong the service life of steel pipe and reduce the operation cost of steel pipe.

Liquid epoxy coating ipn8710 anti-corrosion

Composition It is composed of aliphatic polyurethane prepolymer, epoxy resin, high-quality pigments, additives and solvents. It is specially used for anti-corrosion of equipment in contact with food and drinking water, water transmission and distribution pipeline and drinking water tank surface. Performance The paint is a technical interpenetrating network polymer, which initiates polymerization at room temperature. The two networks can learn from each other and produce cooperative effect. The film is non-toxic, high solid and low viscosity. It is a new anti-corrosion coating with strong adhesion, high strength, impact wear resistance, hydrolysis resistance, corrosion resistance, water resistance and weather resistance, and has low requirements for rust removal on the surface of steel structure, The service temperature can be in the range of - 20 ~ 120 ℃. Technical indicators 1. Drying time: surface drying for 30min and solid drying for 6-24h 2. Flexibility: 1mm 3. Impact resistance: 50cm 4. Adhesion: Grade 1 4. Construction and storage (1) Before painting, the surface of base iron shall be treated to Sa2.5. It is strictly prohibited to bring water, dust and oil during construction to ensure the painting quality. (2) The coating proportion is: component a (base material), component B (curing agent) = 9kg paint: 1kg curing agent (or construction according to the proportion informed by our factory). (3) The construction proportioning method is as follows: open the large opening of component A, add component B into component A, and fully mix evenly. After curing for 30 minutes, the coating can be carried out. (4) This material is required to be prepared and used at any time, and the proportioned coating must be used up within six hours. The unfinished materials shall be sealed and stored. (5) Construction shall be stopped in rainy days or when the relative humidity is greater than 75%. For parts with severe corrosive medium, it is recommended to apply multiple coats of paint. (6) The product shall be stored in a cool and dry place to prevent direct sunlight, isolate the fire source and keep away from the heat source. (7) The storage period is 12 months. After the expiration, various technical indexes shall be inspected. If they meet the index requirements, they can continue to be used.

Fusion bonded epoxy powder anticorrosion

Fusion bonded epoxy powder, also known as thermosetting epoxy resin heavy-duty anti-corrosion powder, is a solid material transported and dispersed with air as carrier. It is applied to the surface of preheated steel products, melted, leveled and solidified to form a uniform coating. Anti corrosion is a heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating formed at high temperature. The coating has the advantages of simple coating operation, no pollution, good impact and bending resistance and high temperature resistance.

Fusion bonded epoxy powder classification

1) According to the application method, it can be divided into: powder for spraying inside the pipeline, powder for spraying outside the pipeline and general powder inside and outside the pipeline. The powder used for spraying outside the pipeline is divided into single-layer powder, double-layer powder and three-layer structure anti-corrosion powder. 2) According to the purpose, it can be divided into: powder for oil and gas pipeline, powder for drinking water pipeline, powder for fire pipeline, powder for anti-static ventilation pipeline in coal mine, powder for chemical pipeline, powder for petroleum drill pipe, powder for pipe fittings, powder for ship pipeline, powder for high salt water heavy-duty anti-corrosion pipeline, etc. 3) According to the curing conditions, it can be divided into two types: rapid curing and ordinary curing. The curing condition of rapid curing powder is generally 230 ℃ / 0.5 ~ 2min. It is mainly used for spraying outside the pipeline or three-layer anti-corrosion structure. Due to short curing time and high production efficiency, it is suitable for assembly line operation; The curing condition of ordinary curing powder is generally more than 230 ℃ / 5min. Due to the long curing time and good coating leveling, it is suitable for spraying in the pipeline.

Anti corrosion method of fusion bonded epoxy powder

Mainly include: electrostatic spraying method, thermal spraying method, suction method, fluidized bed method, roll coating method, etc. Friction electrostatic spraying method, suction method or thermal spraying method are generally used for pipeline internal coating; These spraying methods have a common feature, that is, before spraying, the workpiece needs to be preheated to a certain temperature to melt the powder as soon as it contacts. The waste heat should enable the film to continue to flow and further level and cover the whole steel pipe surface, especially at the depression of the steel pipe surface and both sides of the weld, and the molten paint flows into the filling to make the coating closely combined with the steel pipe, Minimize pores and cure within the specified time. Finally, cool with water to terminate the curing process.

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